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Atwood Cafe
1 W. Washington Street
Chicago , IL 60602
Phone: (312) 368-1900
Fax: (312) 357-2875
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Atwood Cafe EarthCare

Providing our guests an exceptional dining experience AND being truly committed to our environmental and social responsibilities are not mutually exclusive aspirations. In fact, our EarthCare practices ensure that both our guests and the world we live in benefit. Our eco-friendly actions include the most fundamental, such as recycling, to steadfastly using only those ingredients that will not harm the earth when they reach the landfill. Our dedication translates directly to the table in flavorful dishes of the highest quality and integrity.

A proud proponent of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants EarthCare program, Atwood Cafe's practices include:

  • We filter and bottle our own water with the Natura Water Purification system, thereby reducing waste and our carbon footprint.

  • Our wine list features many organic and biodynamic selections.

  • We serve organic coffee and tea.

  • When selecting seafood, we adhere to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program standards.
  • We utilize seasonal, organic produce and meats purchased from local Chicago growers and farmers whenever possible.

  • We recycle all glass, paper, cardboard, corks and aluminum. We do not use Styrofoam for any purpose.

  • All excess cooking oils and grease are recycled into bio-diesel fuels.

  • We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout the restaurant.

  • All take-out containers and utensils are biodegradable and made from unbleached, recycled content.

  • Occupancy sensors keep lights off in storage areas when these areas are not in use.

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